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While Mo’s Place is rumored to have inspired the famous cartoon haunt of Homer Simpson, Moe’s Tavern, Mo Krant’s inspiration for Mo’s was the bars that he remembers so fondly from his youth.

Krant has certainly achieved just that over the past two decades, with Mo’s Place being known for its mimosas and fantastic food, where Playa residents flock on superbowl Sunday whether it be for the game itself or the chance to see Krant in one of the wild costumes he’s been known to dress in for major sporting events. With a staff that are practically family members, Mo’s is truly that neighborhood place.

In April 2020 he gained a partner in Alberto Parada. With a background in PR and marketing, Parada had worked with restaurants in the past, but is a jewelry designer by trade, which is how he met the former-diamond-dealing Krant. They became fast friends and Parada fell in love with Playa del Rey, formally signing on as a co-owner amidst the pandemic.

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